A Separate Peace

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A Separate Peace A Separate Peace was America’s best-selling novel for over thirty years. Though it was written a long time ago, it is still being used in many high schools, and colleges across the U.S. It’s definitely a great book to pick up if you’re an adolescent wanting to learn lessons about the transition into adulthood. The book’s main character Gene shares his unusual experience at Devon School during World War II, when many young students were old enough to enlist themselves in the war. During the summer, he became very good friend with Finny, his roommate. Both experienced a summer that would leave Gene with some well-engraved memories. A separate peace put emphasis on the friendship of Gene and Finny. This friendship led Gene to fight a personal war within himself. This novel urges people to value friendship, for one never knows when tragic events might happen. It also encourages individuals to put their jealousy aside and keep it from influencing their judgment. A separate peace was John Knowles’ first published novel. Along with friendship, it explores love, nationalism, and morality.

By Monica Legerme

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