Delirium by Lauren Oliver

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If you’re looking for a new age romance novel, this is definitely it. Delirium, the first book of a Trilogy puts us in a utopian world where love is considered a disease, a sickness. The occupants of this world live their lives in an emotionless state, where yes they know no love but they also know no pain. At first glance, this seemed a bit cheesy and almost played out. But after reading it, I could not have been more wrong. Oliver takes us into this world, and explains love in a way that does make one almost fear it. Stories like Romeo and Juliet are no longer ones of romance but horrors meant to caution the young. This disease will make you lose your sense of rationality; it will make your heart beat fast, your cheeks burn and your palms sweaty. This disease will kill you by making you addicted to it like a drug, where without it; you want to take your own life. Sounds terrifying right? Well, the truly terrifying part is that it’s not exactly false. Love is a crazy feeling and it does make people lose their minds so for those who have experienced the pain that it can bring, a world where that pain is impossible does not seem so bad. Maternal love, friendship love, relationship love it is all erased from your brain when you turn 16 years old in this world. You don’t have to worry about a career or finding someone to spend the rest of your life with because that will be decided for you. Oliver introduces us to this world through Lena, a girl who is actually an advocator of this world of no pain. But then she meets Alex, and her world starts to spin just like she was told it would and she must decide to either go with what she knows or abandon all rules and do the one thing everyone is so afraid of: fall in love. This book in itself is an addiction, proceed with caution.

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