Reignite – Mass Effect/Shepard Tribute Song by Malukah

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Not often we can listen to indie music that can shine brighter than most songs we listen to. But this song may not be as popular as the rest but hopefully that will change because of its sweet melody, great use of the score soundtrack from the video-game Franchise, “Mass Effect”. Indie artist Malukah has made many videos and performed at a few shows, but most of her music is a tribute to what she loves, video games. That is great, especially because she have a great fan base to appreciate her music. In this song alone, she tells the struggle of a fictional character to overcome an impossible task, to never fail. The lyrics may be short, but they’re strong and her great selection of the game’s score used for the game makes this song so sweet to listen to.

Mass Effect 3 is out now on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Bryan Vallejo

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