Let’s Talk About Ghostbuster’s New Theme Song

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With The New Ghostbusters Reboot coming out this Friday, Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot have made their own “Reboot” to the classic 80s theme to the Original movie. Original theme done by Ray Parker Jr., The team of Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot’s take on it called Ghostbusters (I’m not Afraid) has left some mixed feelings among fans. While some may like the new theme from the artist’s performance to the beat itself, there are many who show the same amount of hate as the trailers promoting the movie have received.

With an Alternative take on the theme with a faster tempo, it’s a decent update on the original them as well as for the chorus being catchy like again the original theme. Missy’s verse is by far the best offering some original lyrics and clever wordplay only wishing that Missy took the helm and Fall out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump covering the chorus. Let’s just hope that the film can receive much better reviews than the new theme.  Please fill free to listen to the new theme if you haven’t already and hopefully it might convince you to check out the movie coming out Friday, July 15

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