Fashion Designer of the Month March 2019

Sami Chen is an established international fashion designer of women's and pet clothing and has shown her creations in the past 4 seasons at New York Fashion Week. Sami premiered in NYFW sponsored by Rolls Royce and Monster and learned her trade at Shih Chien School of Fashion in Taiwan. Sami has been designing womenswear since childhood. In addition to being an internationally recognized fashion designer, Sami is also an accomplished concert pianist and has won many competitions since the age of 5. “Happy Fish by Sami” was inspired by and symbolizes the joy and freedom associated with her designs along with her state of mind. As a bright star of the fashion world, Sami’s smile and uplifting demeanor is not only evident in her creations, but also her personality. Sami’s gowns and dresses are meant to make its wearers feel free and elated in all ways possible. Sami's Bunny named Miffy is Insta-famous with and on TikTok Bunny.Nyc. Miffy has over 139,000 Fans, with Millions of Views and likes. Miffy the Bunny is the mascot and spokes-bunny for the brand and represents a line of Bunny Clothing sold WorldWide on Etsy and Amazon.

Sami Chen