The Fault of our Stars

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John Greene’s most well-known book so far is probably this one, The Fault In Our Stars. The story is that of a girl named Hazel who has cancer and meets a boy named Augustus who she falls in love with. The two of them try to deal with cancer, love, and books. The whole story is beautifully written and is just breathtaking. I thought the plot was wonderful, the characters were absolutely believable and you do completely fall in love with them. Hazel and Augustus are fantastically drawn and the voice of them both is very funny and very well done. It is not a sick lit novel, despite having many of the trappings associated with this type of genre, it is a story about two people in love, one of whom has cancer. It has a very deep content which it discusses the meaning of life and death.

I would recommend this book to everyone. It is beautiful, enthralling, funny and just fantastic. It shows how a short life can feel like an eternity just with the amazing moments of life that simply take your breath away. It entertains and educates and offers a jumping off point for young people to explore and discuss important issues.


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