“Love Letters to the Dead” by Ava Dellaira

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This Novel tells the story of Laurel who is asked as an English assignment to write a letter to a dead person. Laurel begins by choosing Kurt Cobain for various reasons, her sister May loved him and they both passed away at a young age. Laurel has many letters already written which she never gives to her teacher. She writes about all of the transitions in her life, things like starting high school, friendships, love and of course the grieving of her sister. So in writing these letters to dead people we uncover the truth behind all of Laurel’s issues and inner deep thoughts. Through her letters to people who will never read them Ava takes us on Laurel’s journey through her life changes. This book is raw and completely beautiful. Reading this book makes you feel like a teen again and relate to the things many teenagers go through at these important points of life. Definitely a must read!


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