My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart

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And the internet wins again! Hannah Hart, once regular New York City dweller and self proclaimed drunken chef now has her own cookbook called My Drunk Kitchen, based on her popular web series by the same name. It all started when Hart came home from work one day and decided to record a fake cooking show for her friend back in California. As the mock show progresses, Hart has more than a couple drinks in her and starts to become the hilarious internet phenomenon that she is now. Her video, called “Butter Yo Sh-t” went viral and her weekly Youtube series was born. Her new book features recipes, stories, cocktail recommendations and other advice for the tipsy cook we all have inside us. Some of her recipes include: Latkes Shotkes, Can Bake, The Hartwich, Saltine Nachos and more. We definitely recommend you read the book, but try the recipes at your own discretion!

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