Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar

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Looking for the next item to add to your reading list? It definitely should be this timeless classic. Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar is one of those rare combinations of a story that is revolves around its time frame, and yet holds a message that is so definitive, its relevance is truly eternal. The story follows a girl named Esther Greenwood, who gains an internship working for a magazine in New York City. Although she is beautiful and incredibly bright, she finds herself slowly spiraling into a madness that is both beautiful and tragic. With Plath being a poet, it is no surprise that this American novel is filled with detailed descriptions and the most captivating imagery I have ever experienced. Plath takes us into the mind of Esther, slowly and sensibly, as she is descends into madness giving us an inside scope so real, we get lost in her world and question our own reality. Her story is haunting, and makes us question our own lives, making sense of feelings we perhaps dismissed. Described as a Catcher in the Rye from a female perspective, this is definitely a book worth reading.


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